Raleigh Project

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Location: Tarrytown, Austin, Texas

    • Velyna
    • December 21, 2023

Nestled in Tarrytown, just west of downtown Austin, TX, The Raleigh Project stands as a unique testament to custom craftsmanship. This distinctive space exudes warmth through a harmonious blend of paint and natural wood finishes. Our role encompassed finishing bathroom vanities, butler’s pantry cabinetry, bar cabinetry, dining separation cabinet, powder bath vestibule fluted wall paneling, and laundry room shelving. Guided by our client’s vision, we curated a seamless fusion of high gloss and natural wood finishes, intertwining a play of light and dark throughout the living space. The Raleigh Project epitomizes luxury living, marked by bespoke finishes, intricate wallcoverings, and meticulous details.



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